The BJP Fiasco and Secularism

Secularism Vs Hindutva
Hindutva Vs Secularism

With the present crisis in the BJP, the Secular media has taken the opportunity to bash and blame the saffron party of narrow-mindedness and and lack of inner-party democracy. BJP has been accused of intolerance because of the action it has taken against Jaswant Singh for his views on Jinnah (expressed in his recent book).

Now, I am not a follower of BJP and neither do I think of its ideology as anything but spiritual darkness. However, I must state this: BJP is consistent in expelling Jaswant Singh because he has violated his party’s core ideology – the Hindutva. The party has some ideological absolutes and when one of its members has brought them into question, it has acted swiftly. I commend the BJP for that. I must clarify that I am giving BJP the credit for acting consistently in this case of Jaswant Singh and not for everything it believes and practices.

BJP’s action stands in contrast to what the Secular Media wants it to do. I read an article on The Hindu titled Two Books Two Consequences which contends that Congress is far more accomodating of “internal criticism” than BJP is. How? Congress did not oust Shashi Tharoor for his controversial views on Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi et al as expressed in his book India : From Midnight to the Millennium and Beyond but BJP showed the door to Jaswant for his “views” on Jinnah as expressed in his book, Jinnah-India, Partition, Independence. I find this argument ludicrous. Secular media, true to its ideology, indeed does not have any absolutes.

BJP expelled Jaswant Singh because he called into question the absolutes which the party embraces;  he  deserved his expulsion not because he had some unorthodox “views” but he literally betrayed the foundational ethos of his party ( if I as a Christian can’t agree with his views on Jinnah, how much more a Hindutva party?). Congress does not do so because it is a party bereft of absolutes. Its a party which embraces Secularism and thus any and every thing which helps it achieve its political goals is accepted – Shashi Tharoor case in point. Self-contradictingly, it clamours for Secularism (an ideology which says no absolutes) as an absolute.

More and more as I have tried to share Christ with people, I have come to realize that it is far more easy for a staunch Hindu to accept Christ than for an all-accepting secular fundamentalist (to borrow Mani Shankar Aiyar’s jargon). Secularism is far more diabolical than Hindutva. It advocates no moral absolutes, acceptance of all ideas even though they be contradictory, and offers false peace on the basis of so-called “tolerance.” Its an impractical and an unliveable philosophy. The only reason why our society still functions is because God has deeply implanted some absoulte moral standards in the heart of every man (Rom 2:15). Otherwise, if we remain true to Secularism, our society will descend into anarchy and chaos. No wonder Christianity is growing faster in a Communist China than in Secular India.


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