True and False Shepherds

What are the marks of true shepherds? And how do we distinguish them from false shepherds? Following are a few thoughts:

True Shepherds Tend and Feed the Sheep: The first mark of a true shepherd is that he feeds the flock of God faithfully. This was Jesus’ charge to Peter in John 21. Three times Jesus exhorted Peter to feed his sheep. A true shepherd feeds God’s sheep with knowledge and understanding (Jeremiah 3:15). In other words, a true shepherd teaches his flock the word of God faithfully. He imparts understanding of the word of God and helps them to apply it in their daily lives. False shepherds, on the other hand, are unconcerned about feeding the sheep. They handle the word of God carelessly and do not impart understanding to their flock. As a result, the sheep are malnourished — without knowledge — and vulnerable to attacks of the enemy. Continue reading True and False Shepherds


Fool’s Gold?

Fool's Gold
Fool's Gold

John MacArthur is undoubtedly one of the best Bible teachers today. He has written over 50 books, all of which clearly show his passion for God’s Word. Pick up any book of MacArthur and you can be sure of certain things a) his books will be solidly biblical b) his arguments will be cogent c) his refutation of anything biblically deviant will be complete. Although I do not hold to all the views that Dr. MacArthur holds to, I respect him highly and thoroughly enjoy his writings.

In this book, Fool’s Gold, Mac Arthur and his seminary team show how there is a great lack of discernment in the Church today and how people rush to embrace any teaching as gold when it is actually spurious. The title of the book is an analogy borrowed from the mad 19th Century gold rush in California which pauperized many (MacArthur is a native of California)  — something the authors fear will happen to the Church, in a spiritual sense

They analyze many trends which are prevalent in the church today and present a thorough critique. Many of these trends are present in the Indian Churches also. Some of the issues handled are ‘watered-down’ preaching, Purpose Driven Life’s message, altar calls, contemporary christian music’s lyrics, consumerisitic attitude towards the Church and a few more. The authors go to show how every wind of doctrine is being tolerated in the church today and how the Bible calls for discernment and rejection of such trends.

I must confess that I find it hard to disagree with them. I was quite startled to realize how Purpose Driven Life is so loose in its theology after having read this book. I could not discern it before because I myself did not study the Bible enough to be able to recognize it. This way this book has spurred me on to dig deeper into God’s word.

I recommend it highly