True and False Shepherds

What are the marks of true shepherds? And how do we distinguish them from false shepherds? Following are a few thoughts:

True Shepherds Tend and Feed the Sheep: The first mark of a true shepherd is that he feeds the flock of God faithfully. This was Jesus’ charge to Peter in John 21. Three times Jesus exhorted Peter to feed his sheep. A true shepherd feeds God’s sheep with knowledge and understanding (Jeremiah 3:15). In other words, a true shepherd teaches his flock the word of God faithfully. He imparts understanding of the word of God and helps them to apply it in their daily lives. False shepherds, on the other hand, are unconcerned about feeding the sheep. They handle the word of God carelessly and do not impart understanding to their flock. As a result, the sheep are malnourished — without knowledge — and vulnerable to attacks of the enemy. Continue reading True and False Shepherds


Commentaries on 1 John

Recently, I had the privilege of preaching six sermons on 1 John in my home church. In order to prepare for these sermons, I consulted quite a few commentaries. Here are my impressions on each of them. Continue reading Commentaries on 1 John

Union With the Saints

Romans 6 is the classic passage to prove the doctrine of believers’ union with Christ. In this passage, Paul describes how believers are united to Christ in his death and in his resurrection. As believers, we often concentrate on this doctrine in our fight against sin, and rightly so. For without it, we can never overcome the power of sin in our lives. Notwithstanding the importance of this doctrine, I wonder whether we often miss out on concentrating on another complementary doctrine. Which doctrine do I have in mind? It is the doctrine of union with the saints — or union with other believers. Continue reading Union With the Saints

My American Wedding Experience

After a long gap, I have decided to blog again. I don’t know how long this desire for blogging will last, but I am giving it a try and hopefully the Lord will sustain it. One of the reasons for my lack of regular blogging is a desire for perfection; I strive to get that perfect blog post out, and then I get dissatisfied with it, and finally give up writing altogether. Well, the Lord brought this sin of perfection to my mind and encouraged me to write again. So, I have decided to resume blogging and write about the things that the Lord is doing in my life.

In the last couple of weeks, I have had the privilege of witnessing two American weddings — two RP American weddings to be precise. My church here in the US has embraced me and my wife to such an extent that we get to participate in these joyous occasions very often. Continue reading My American Wedding Experience