Evaluating Joel Osteen

I am back blogging again after 6 months! I almost thought God isn’t giving me grace to blog. However, it is necessary to blog on some issues to edify and warn the Church. So, now for that, He has given me grace!

Now, to the main story — I have heard some of my pentecostal and charismatic friends speak very highly of an American preacher named Joel Osteen. He comes on GOD TV quite often and has authored books like “Your Best Life Now” and “Becoming a Better You” which are readily available in some of our Christian bookstores like OM. However, just like how Paul said “For they are not all Israel who are descended from Israel” (Romans 9:6), let me venture to say “For they are not all Christian who appear on God TV and have their books sold in Christian stores.”

Please read the following 2 articles by 2 of my trusted teachers – Gary Giley and Michael Horton.

Also, please view the following videos and see how Joel Osteen dilly dallies on the clear teaching of the Bible and how someone like John MacArthur responds so clearly when asked the same question.

Let us learn to discern. Let us read and listen the right people and not become examples of 2 Timothy 4:3