Fireproof – Movie Review

fireproof_galleryposterIn an era where speaking about out your faith in public is deemed bizaare and claiming your religious beliefs to be the only correct way is equated to narrow-mindedness, it is an uphill task to make a Christian movie which shares the Gospel unashamedly and exalts the name of Christ unapologetically. Sadly, many so-called Chrisitian movies have succumbed to these pressures of the secular world and have shied away from taking the name of the Lord. Few years ago I had watched the Passion of Christ. That movie had no leg to stand on. It tried to present Christ as a victim of human injustice rather than the Lord of Heaven and Earth. A few weeks ago I watched another movie called End of Spear which again came a cropper. It was the story of Jim Elliot (the famous missionary who died along with 4 friends while evangelizing Waodani people in Latin America) but not even once the name of Jim Elliot’s Lord was taken in the movie. The message of the movie was not Christ’s Gospel but Humanistic nonsense. Continue reading Fireproof – Movie Review


Taare Zameen Par – A Review

Taare Zameen Par (TZP) is probably the best movie of the last year. Although I am not a movie buff, this movie captivated me and hence the review.

The movie is about a kid suffering from Dyslexia – his problems, his struggles, the discrimination he faces, and finally his restoration to normal health and his return to mainstream. The movie is filled with wonderful background music during poignant moments which will make most people cry. The last scene is especially beautiful when Ishaan(the kid) looks at his portrait, drawn by Ammir(Ishaan’s teacher), and starts weeping. It touched my heart. I was imagining Jesus drawing my portrait like that when he finally returns.

One minus point, according to me, about the movie was that they stereo-typed teachers a little too much. Not all teachers as rude as they showed in the movie. Subtly, Aamir was taking all the glory. I guess, that is expected since he is the producer-cum-director.

However, all in all, it is a movie worth watching and as a Christian, it edified me. I pray that God will raise up people who can make movies like TZP and point people to the epitome of such care and affection which was portrayed in the movie – Jesus Christ.