The BJP Fiasco and Secularism

Secularism Vs Hindutva
Hindutva Vs Secularism

With the present crisis in the BJP, the Secular media has taken the opportunity to bash and blame the saffron party of narrow-mindedness and and lack of inner-party democracy. BJP has been accused of intolerance because of the action it has taken against Jaswant Singh for his views on Jinnah (expressed in his recent book).

Now, I am not a follower of BJP and neither do I think of its ideology as anything but spiritual darkness. However, I must state this: BJP is consistent in expelling Jaswant Singh because he has violated his party’s core ideology – the Hindutva. The party has some ideological absolutes and when one of its members has brought them into question, it has acted swiftly. I commend the BJP for that. I must clarify that I am giving BJP the credit for acting consistently in this case of Jaswant Singh and not for everything it believes and practices. Continue reading The BJP Fiasco and Secularism