Irresistible Grace in Sanctification

The last two points of Calvinism are known as Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of Saints. The form the I and P of the TULIP acronym.

By Irresistible Grace we mean that it is the Holy Spirit who calls a sinner out of his deadness in sin and makes him alive in Jesus Christ (Eph 2:15; Col2 :13; 1 John 5:1). This call – which is often termed as the internal call or effectual call – cannot be resisted.  There are plethora of passages from which this doctrine can be proved. I will choose just two. In John 6: 37, Jesus says that all whom the Father has given him will come to him. On the other hand, in John 6:44 , he says that no one come to the him unless the Father draws that person. These two verses form a logical construct called syllogism. From these two verses we can easily conclude that all that God the Father draws towards Jesus will put their faith in Jesus; and none but these only. This ‘drawing’ happens through agency of the Holy Spirit (Eze 37:3-6, 11-14; Joh 3:3-8). This act of drawing a sinner or making him alive is termed in theology as Regeneration. Continue reading Irresistible Grace in Sanctification



Regeneration is an important biblical teaching also known as the New Birth (“Born Again”). Regeneration is a doctrine that is closely related to Justification. Justification is God’s legal declaration that we are righteous, on account of our faith in Christ. However, if salvation was all about justification, our righteousness will be a “mere formality” and not a reality (As R C  Sproul puts it in his book Faith Alone). We may be declared righteous but there will no real change in our nature. But that is not so. Continue reading Regeneration