Sin and the Glory of God

Sin is a reality about mankind which the Bible affirms unequivocally – which other religions fail to do, thus proving themselves to not have originated from God. What is Sin? The Bible defines sin in many places – Sin is committing iniquity (which literally means to do things in a crooked way),  acting wickedly, rebelling against God, turning away from his commandments and judgements ( Dan 9:5 KJV). Sin is going beyond what is properly allowed (Hosea 4:2 ; Lev 5:17; ESV, in other words “transgression”). Sin is accusing falsely, lying (Lev 6:3) , hating one’s brother in his heart (Lev 19:17), cursing God (Lev 24:17). This is just a sample. As you must have observed from  all the quotations mentioned above – they are all from the Old Testament. The Old Testament was very specific is defining what is sin and what is not. Continue reading Sin and the Glory of God